What’s been going on in the Environmental Society

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We have had a very busy start to the academic year so far, with lots of new, enthusiastic members taking part in lots of exciting activities. Everyone is getting involved with different projects and the society as a whole is currently active in a number of areas, including education, activism and much more! The gardening sessions run every Monday and Tuesday from 12-2pm and beekeeping information talks are being held following a few beekeeping taster sessions in the first few weeks of term, so there is still plenty of opportunity to get involved in our secret garden. Igor’s composting project is going from strength to strength, with many new restaurants signing up to have their food waste to be composted rather than simply thrown away; luckily our new food waste truck makes dealing with this increased demand a lot easier. There has been a lot of focus within the society on climate change activism, with some of our members attending external lectures on this subject, webinars on fossil free movements and the London Climate Forum. We have also recently taken over the divestment from fossil fuels scheme in Imperial and hope to raise publicity about this issue and gain signatures for the petition over the coming weeks. Our Recycling Champions spend their lunch times in the Business school café educating people on how to sort their recyclables into the appropriate bins, the response to which has been fantastic so far. We have also been trying to raise awareness recycling in halls and elsewhere around the college. A Facebook group was set up to help everyone keep track of all the latest news and events without filling up our email inboxes, which you can find at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1505729823010005. A lot has happened so far and a lot will be happening in future so stay tuned for more updates!

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