Here Comes Swarming Season

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What fun we've had over the last week and a half. We've gone from two colonies to 4 potential colonies. Each of our Nationals decided that they're doing pretty well so would like to swarm!

Swarming is probably a good thing

It means that our colonies are strong, and reckon that they could split into colonies that will be able to survive on their own. However, it's a bit of a shame to loose most of your bees, so we try to recreate the conditions that they come to after they have swarmed. The main issues with any method of swarm control is that you want to separate the current queen and older bees from the brood and younger bees.

Where we'll be in a couple of weeks

All going well we should find ourselves with two colonies with new mated queens and two with their original queens. The main too worries are:

  • We didn't remove all the queen cups from the hive that we've put the current queen in. If this happens then when it's cupped, the current queen will swarm.
  • The developing queens don't get mated. This could be not emerging healthy, or not coming back from their mating flight.
She's in there, we promise

There’s nothing more terrifying that picking up your queen, but we dropped her in a cage to keep her safe while we faffed about.

For those who are interested in a nucleus of bees. it looks like we might well be ticking people off our nuc list, so you can stand in line for your next reasonably priced nucleus.

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