Looks like we made it

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We've suddenly had a couple days of nice weather. For cracking open the hives you want it to at least be 14ºC, probably 15ºC (can you wear a t-shirt and feel comfortable outside). Friday was just such a day so we hopped on down and cracked open the hives.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Thankfully winter was pretty short so all of our colonies survived. It might be an idea to have a map out our family tree but for a rundown here's what we've got at the moment.

National Hive A

  • Carnolian cross with local drones
  • Mated with local drones
  • Very docile and quite productive

National Hive B

  • British Black bees
  • Mated with, likely 60%, British black bee
  • Haven't had a full season but a bit aggressive

Top Bar

  • Carnolian cross with local drones
  • Mated with local drones
  • Docile and quick productive

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