The following is a list of our member’s achievements in various competitions (where one name is given for a speaking achievement, the debater was in a composite team with a speaker from a different institution:



Becky Elkington & Ibrahim Steel  – Winners, UCL President’s Cup

Bruce Weaver & Gordon Cheung – Semi-finalists, SOAS IV

Mindy Chen & Taisser Roots – Finalists (Novice), KCL IV and Inner Temple IV

Mindy Chen & Ibrahim Steel – Finalists, Pan-London Internal

Benjamin Hilton & Ibrahim Steel – Semi-finalists, LSESU Pro-Am

Xuan Chen & Gregory Patko – Finalists (Novice), Inner Temple IV.

Gordon Cheung & Benjamin Hilton – Semi-finalists, Manchester IV


Benjamin Hilton – Breaking judge at Imperial Open, SOAS IV, Pan-London Internal, Bristol Pro-Am.

Bruce Weaver – Breaking judge at Imperial Open, Imperial Novices, Inner Temple IV. Chief Adjudicator at the Pan-London Internal, KCL Schools.

Anita Chandran – Breaking judge at Imperial Open.

Gordon Cheung – Breaking judge at LSESU Pro-Am, Inner Temple IV.

Ibrahim Steel – Breaking judge at Inner Temple IV.

Becky Elkington – Breaking judge at Manchester IV and Exeter Pro-Am

Griffin Farrow – Breaking judge at Manchester IV



Oscar Tucker and Gwylim Taylor – Winners (Novice), Inner Temple IV

Caitlin Jones & Nick Zervoudis – Finalists, Pan-London Christmas Internal

Nick Zervoudis – Finalist, Southampton Open

Caitlin Jones & Nick Zervoudis – Semi-finalists, Cork IV

Anita Chandran & Benjamin Hilton – Finalists, Bristol Pro-Am

Nick Zervoudis – Finalist, ISIC 2015

Nick Zervoudis – Semi-finalist, Westminster Open

Andrew Olson Gallardo & Jian Li Chew – Finalists, Birmingham ESL Novice Mini

Anita Chandran & Caitlin Jones – Quarter-finalists, SOAS Open

Aneesh Mathew & Saad Siddiqui – Finalists (Novice), Westminster Open


Anita Chandran – Chief Adjudicator at Southampton Open and Warwick Schools

Nick Zervoudis – Chief Adjudicator at Birmingham ESL Novice Mini, Breaking Judge at Trinity College Dublin IV, Irish MACE, Oxford IV, UCL Presidents Cup, Imperial Open, Imperial Novices and KCL IV

Bruce Weaver – Breaking Judge at UCL Presidents Cup, Imperial Open, Westminster Open and Warwick Schools

Saad Ahmed – Breaking Judge at Bristol Pro-Am

Vaibhav Krishnakumar – Breaking Judge at Warwick Schools



Anita Chandran – Finalist, Nottingham Trent Open

James Clough & Bruce Weaver – Finalists, Warwick IV

James Clough & Anita Chandran – Finalists, Manchester IV.

Eleanor Angwin – Semi-Finalist, Leeds University Mace.



James Clough – Chief Adjudicator at ESU Mace (English National Championships), Hull Open.

Anita Chandran – Chief Adjudicator at UCL Schools.




James Clough & Martin Opatovsky – Finalists, Bristol Pro – Am.

Anita Chandran & Ed Middleton – Semifinalists, Bristol Pro – Am.

James Clough & Ed Middleton – Finalists, ESU Mace

James Clough & Ed Middleton – World Quarterfinalists, Chennai.

James Clough – Winner, York IV.

Sven De Causmaecker – Best ESL Speaker, Inner Temple IV

Ed Middleton – Winner, Hull Open.

Anita Chandran & Eleanor Angwin – Semi-Finalists, Oxford Women’s Open.


James Clough – Chief Adjudicator at Inner Temple IV, Nottingham Open and Royal Holloway Open. Breaking Judge at EUDC Zagreb

Ed Middleton – Chief Adjudicator at Aber Open.

Eleanor Angwin – Chief Adjudicator at SOAS Schools, Northumbria Open, Newcastle Mixed Doubles. Breaking Judge at EUDC Zagreb.



James Clough & Ed Middleton – Winners, Regent’s College IV

Vikram Tomar & Kristian Lending – Finalists, York Novices

James Clough & Ed Middleton – Finalists, Bristol IV


Ed Middleton – Deputy Chief Adjudicator, Warwick IV

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