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At ICCS, we aim to help our members to develop the right skills sought after by employers in Consultancy, as well as to raise awareness of our sponsors and their career opportunities to our members. We are the only student society in Imperial College specialising in linking students interested with a career in consultancy to external firms. We understand the needs of our members and students in Imperial. With close to 1000 members in 2015-16, we project that we would have even more members in 2016-17.

Org Chart Completed

The Executive Committee of ICCS consists of a team of 8 students who manage different portfolios to ensure the society functions properly towards its mission and vision. The President oversees the overall well-being of the society while each Function Group is headed by a Vice President. The President of Imperial Consulting Group is also part of the Executive Committee of ICCS.

Under each Function Group, there are Associates who join us as voluntary student officers to assist respective Vice Presidents in society works. The next recruitment cycle of Associates will occur in the first two weeks of October 2016. The Function Groups are shown in our Organisational Chart above.


Executive Committee 2016-17

ICCS EXCO Biographies crooped

ICCS EXCO Biographies


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ICCS EXCO Biographies