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We will be holding events throughout the year that focus on new or interesting subjects that are right at the forefront of the subject. We‘ve also got fantastic links with professionals within the geophysics industries, so we‘re a great place to start looking at the sort of jobs you might want to do in the future. We have got lots of exciting things planned, including some great talks, a few spectacular trips and many socials. So, keep an ear out for our upcoming events so you don’t miss out and don‘t forget to come and visit us and at Fresher‘s Fair in the first week of term!



All Geophysics undergraduates are automatically members of GPS...

But don't fret Geology and Materials... it is FREE to join!




An easy going, bowling night in first term with other geophysicists, geologists and the like. This is a great way to get to know your fellow geophysicists from all years without the geo-talk!


Hill Cup

All three RSM depSocs take each other on to prove who the best is. GPS – DLB – MatSoc. Each event is fuelled by competition and the desire to win.


Annual Tour

The Geophysics Society’s biggest event of the year is the annual tour!


In previous years it has seen us travel most recently to the Azores in 2018, Indonesia in 2017 where we visited the Centre for Volcanology and Geohazard Mitigation, Mt Vesuvius & Pompeii in 2016 where we visited the University of Naples Frederico II, and to Italy visiting Mt Etna in 2015. Look out for info in October where next year's tour is headed!

Above - Mt Etna trip, 2015

Left - Indonesia trip, 2017

Academic Events

The Geophysics Society holds talks throughout the year by speakers from a range of backgrounds, whether industry or academic.


This term we are excited to be hosting two talks, the first of which comes from an ex-student who is currently working as an offshore field geophysicist! This will be a great talk and an excellent opportunity to find out about a potential career path for all you geophysicists.



Geophysics Field Day

A chance to get your hands dirty and get to grips with some geophysical industry equipment and software including seismic refraction, Ground Penetrating Radar, Resistivity and Electro Magnetic surveys.


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