The Chaps Club was founded in 1921 making it the oldest of the Imperial Tie Clubs, and has the aim of furthering the interests of its members while they studied and after they leave the Royal School of Mines.


Members can be easily recognised by the distinctive chocolate and duck-egg blue tie worn every Friday by Chaps wherever they are, and the Club provides a strong network of RSM-trained geologists and Engineers throughout the world – indeed, there are more Chaps in Perth, Western Australia than there are in London, and the Club has members on every continent. Above all it provides a great way of staying in touch with alumni, both old and young, through regular events including dinners and an annual trip to the Epsom Derby, and any Chaps passing through London find it hard to resist the urge to return to the Union bar on a Friday.


Read some great memories of The Chaps Club from 1957 here.

Committee 2017-18


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