The Royal School of Mines is one of the three colleges which merged to form Imperial College London. Since it was established in 1851 by the highly regarded geologist Sir Henry De La Beche, many years of community, history and achievement have shaped the Royal School of Mines into a world renowned institute with a deservedly high reputation in Geology, Geophysics, Material sciences, Petroleum.


Today, the RSM no longer academically represents students, however the RSM is both the building in which the departments of Materials and Earth Science & Engineering are housed, as well as the student body that organises amazing social events, sports teams, clubs and societies for students within those departments.





Perhaps surprisingly for some, we have a constitution, written in very formal terms that states the RSM exists for:


  • The furthering of the interests of the members and the status of the RSM;
  • The promotion of sport within the RSM;
  • The promotion of interest in all aspects of geology and materials science;
  • The promotion of social intercourse amongst its members.


These are achieved through our sports teams, our unique societies and our countless events which span the academic year from October to July.



Find out more on the history of the RSMU!


The Executive

President  -  Marta Wolinska


The President is the person who oversees all RSMU activities, and is in charge of making sure the Royal School of Mines Union runs like a well-oiled machine.


This is done by keeping track of everything that is going on, prompting other committee members on actions that need to be performed and helping them along the way if any problems arise. It is a busy committee position, and is of the utmost importance to the RSMU.


The President deals with Imperial College Union, the Royal School of Mines Association, and multiple other Boards at the Union; alongside the meetings set by the above, the President chairs the RSMU General Committee and Exec meetings.

Honorary Secretary  -  Sam Casement


The Hon Sec is second in command of the RSMU and is responsible for assisting the President and all other committee members as and when they need it. They are also responsible for organising and taking minutes at RSMU committee meetings.


While the Hon Sec does not have any clear major tasks unlike the other Exec positions, it is a very important role and be time consuming, but is vital to the smooth running of the RSMU and rewarding because of it.

Vice President (Clubs & Societies)  -  Anthony Onwuli


The VPCS is responsible for overseeing all clubs and societies (both sporting and departmental) and ensuring that they run smoothly. Perhaps the most important job that the VPCS has, however, is organising the annual varsity match against Camborne School of Mines – The Bottle Match, which is to be held in Cornwall in 2018. This event is one that puts the RSM in the history books as part of the second-oldest Varsity match in the world, and involves a huge amount of organisation and time to arrange.


This is an unforgettable and exceptional event that makes the VPCS a crucial member of the Exec. The VPCS also sits on Imperial College Union’s Clubs, Societies & Projects Board.

Vice President (Activities & Events)  -  Kaja Sillett


Social events are the heart and soul of the RSMU and it is the responsibility of the VPAE to oversee the organisation and running of all RSMU events throughout the year. The first, and probably most important, is to arrange the Freshers’ Dinner at the beginning of the autumn term.


After Freshers’ dinner, the VPAE will be in charge of organising the Christmas and Spring Dinners. On top of organising these events, there are also the many bar nights and social outings for which the RSM is so famous to be taken care of. The VPAE will be working closely with and be assisted by the Balls Officers, and will be in charge of making all decisions related to event organisation.

Junior Treasurer  -  Zack Jeanrenaud


Unlike the above positions, the Treasurer doesn’t have any major events to organise. However, they are in charge of running the financial side of the RSMU, and as a result, are essential to any event being a success and keep the RSMU out of debt!


They also oversee the spending and allocation of money for all RSMU Clubs and Societies. The Treasurer role requires a surprisingly large amount of hard work and works closely with the President.

Student Welfare Officer  -  Chloe Lewis


The SWO is responsible for making sure that everyone in the RSM has as enjoyable an experience as possible during their time at uni. This involves working with the RSM departments and Imperial College Union’s Deputy President (Welfare) to offer support and advice to the students of the RSM. The SWO sits on the Union’s Community & Welfare Board and Union Council.

The Officers

Academic Liaison Officer  -  Amy Tall


The ALO is responsible for looking after the academic interests of RSMU students, working with Dep Reps, departmental staff and attending Faculty Teaching Committee meetings. The ALO provides a pathway for the communication of issues raised by the student body to reach relevant staff members and vice versa. The ALO sits on Union’s Education & Representation Board and Union Council.

Website Officer  -  Tianzong 'Mikkey' Yu


Well, you're right here! It is their job to maintain and update the masterpiece which is the RSMU website, along with the Twitter account. Our website allows you find out information on upcoming events, traditions, history and anything that’s got something to do with the RSMU.

Pit & Publicity Officers  -  Luca Weller and Jake Sidhu


This joint role is that of Pit Editor and Publicity Officers; the Pitlicity Officers will have the job of both putting together and publishing the RSMU newsletter ‘The Pit’, termly events flyers, the Snapchat account, and to let the people of the RSMU know that an event (social, academic or otherwise) is just around the corner by plastering our hallways with eye-catching posters and sending out emails.


Between the two of them the Pitlicity Officers will be responsible for most of the promotion put out by the RSMU and are the main way that the RSMU communicates the upcoming events to undergrads, postgrads and staff.

Regalia Officers  -  Chris Carter and Megan Facey


The two Regalia Officers provide the RSMU with clothing, ranging from hoodies, t-shirts and polo-shirts to ties, cuff links and hipflasks.


Like our social events, the regalia supplied is among the best (if not THE best) in the College showing that the RSMU is once again a cut above the rest. For those of you with an eye for design and salesmanship, this could be the role for you!

Balls Officers  -  Daisy Jennings-Gray and Yvonne Riley


The two Balls Officers are responsible for assisting the VPAE in organising all of the events throughout the year. The workload becomes quite heavy running up to major events, but is generally very enjoyable and is a role that is very important to the RSMU as the events are what make the RSMU such an awesome place.


Balls Officer is a really fun job, giving you the opportunity to show some flair in making our formal dinners the best they can be.

Sponsorship Officer  -  George Delaney


The Sponsorship Officer works closely with the President, Balls Officers and Vice President (Clubs & Societies). They are expected to put many hours work into pestering big companies for much needed financial aid for RSMU’s major events with the promise of promoting their company to our highly sought after students.

RSMU Ordinary Member  -  Avni Patel


Far from being boring, the ordinary member has the privilege of sitting with the power to vote on the Union Council - along with the President, welfare, and academic liaison officers.


Imperial College Union Council is the paramount policy-making, scrutiny and accountability body of the Union and in effect the democratic voice of the student body, and these four represent the RSMU on this body.

Davy Bearer  -  Will Davey


Although the Davy Bearer has only one responsibility, it is imperative to the RSMU that it is performed. The Davy is a brass mining lamp (weighing in at approx 60kg) and is the official mascot of the RSMU.


The Davy Bearer must protect our mascot from other thieving Unions (such as the CGCU) and present it at various events, for example the annual Hustings. The Davy Bearer is also chair of the sub-committee known only as Skinners Bottom...

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