Bottle Match 2019

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Miners, the time has come… the 117th Bottle Match is finally here!

Today and tomorrow will see us compete against our Cornish counterparts over eight different sports, culminating with the traditional rugby fixture deciding who wins the ultimate prize; the precious bottle.

Here’s a quick round up of everything you need to know for the next two days:



Tennis 🎾 @South Park Fulham, 1-5PM

Squad: Samuel Casement (Captain), Akira Madams, Marta Vazquez, Ian Wan, James Wood, Nele Wenck, Oli Parker and Ziyi Chen.


Squash 🎾@Ethos, 3.30 – 6PM

Squad: Charlie Braham (Captain), Eric Newland, George Hallwood, Oli Taylor Rose, James Stringer and George Meddings.


Badminton 🏸 @Ethos, 4 – 5PM

Squad: Annie Mao (Captain) , Ben Moss, Harris Ahmed, Jianou Jiang, Louise Rosset and Susannah Lea.


Netball 🏀 @Battersea Park Millennium Arena, 7-9PM

Squad: Emily Friar (Captain), Beth Grant, Emily Walton, Holly Sarup, Jess Dring-Morris, Kaja Sillett, Katie Rhodes, Lena Chen, Nafiz Biswas and Nicola Maxwell.




Lacrosse @Harlington, 8.30 – 9.30PM

Squad: Stephen Kwong (Captain), Aisling Dunn, Annie Parker, Anthony Onwuli, Arianna Guppy, Avni Patel, Becky Horner, Chloé Lewis, Christopher Carter, Claudia Caravello, Daisy Jennings-Gray, Gawsalya Mahasivam, Jack Davenport, Laurie Jones, Marie Obrowski, Matt Shorvon, Patrick Henderson and Usman Ammar.


Women’s Hockey 🏑 @Harlington, 9.30 – 11AM

Squad: Bethany Grant (Captain), Alice Tidswell, Avni Patel, Claudia Caravello, Elin Mars-Jones, Emily Friar, Emily Gusterson, Isabel Wapenhans, Katie Bell, Melissa Nemhara, Naomi Tan, Nele Wenck, Qinghui Hua, Rebekah Kay and Yvonne Riley.


Men’s Hockey 🏑 @Harlington, 11AM – 12.30PM

Squad: Jay Ward (Captain), Dan Lindsay, Dominic Moore, Ed Clark, Eddy Compton, Eric Newland, Ethan Houchen, Harry Reynolds, Howard Richards, Jiano Pulickal, Lekan Ogunlana, Matt Kav, Richard Price, Rory Bardner, Sam Ward and Steven Pugh.


Football ⚽ @Harlington, 12.30 -2PM

Squad: Tom Hughes (Captain), Bertie James, Chris Tidd, Daroon Ramadani, Francois Costa, Frederik Masure, George Decaudabrine, Hamish Thomas, Jake Bluston, Lorenzo Casimo, Matthew Morris, Matthew Campbell, Jamie Stringer, Ross Kennedy, Sam Mitchell, George Hedley and Will Davey.


Rugby 🏈 @Harlington, 2-4PM

Squad: George Nicholas (Captain), Alex Amato, Ali Bagguley, Ali Zabronsky, Amin Omarouche, Animesh Misra, Dan Kirrane, Elliot Quigley, Fraser Weller, George Morgan, George Beckman, Hugo Koide, Jack Wheaton, Jerome Hallett, Josh Pope, Leo Giustiniani, Martin Head, Oli Taylor-Rose, Oli Parker, Rob Finn, Rohit Rohit, Simon Thorton and Will Carter.




Written by: Tianzong Yu








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