Welcome, Freshers!

Date: 30 August, 2018   Posted in: News




So… By now, you know your results, know your upcoming destination, know your location in halls, are probably eagerly watching the Facebook group page, seeing who’s who and what’s what; your excitement spilling over as you literally can’t wait to come to one of the best universities and one of the best departments in the world!

All that work and effort has paid off; congratulations to you all! It has landed you a place at arguably the best Earth Science/Materials department in the country, with the most friendly and outgoing people at Imperial College, in the 150 year old cultural and educational hub of Albertopolis. Come October, you’ll have started a course which will undoubtedly provide some of your best friends and furnish you with experiences for life.

It’s time to start thinking about the important things. Things like initial events at the beginning of term, what’s going on in the social calendar plus academic events.

Since 1851 (some say), we have been formulating the best freshers events we can, mixing the old, the new and the timeless. All RSM freshers should receive in the post a special fresher’s edition of ‘The Pit‘ (our newsletter) to get you started on life with us!

Be sure to check back here for details about the Fresher’s Week events that the RSM is holding. As the first week of term, it’s the time to get stuck in and enjoy making new friends in your first days at university for both Materials students and Earth Scientists.

We look forward to seeing you!

Written by: Matty Hayward

Web Officer 17/18








Matty Hayward

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