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Date: 31 May, 2018   Posted in: News




Term has passed, exams have come and gone, and fieldwork all wrapped up. With that, it is almost time to highlight the courageous souls who have decided to bear responsibility in the RSMU and throughout our societies in the next academic year.

In no particular order of seniority:


RSMU President:  Marta Wolinska

Honorary Secretary:  Samuel Casement

Vice President (Clubs & Societies):   Anthony Onwuli

Vice President (Activities & Events):  Kaja Sillett

Honorary Junior Tresurer:  Zack Jeanrenaud


Web Editor:  Tianzong ‘Mikkey’ Yu

Ordinary Member:  Avni Patel

Academic Liaison:  Amy Tall

Student Welfare:  Chloe Lewis

Pit & Publicity:  Luca Weller & Jake Sidhu

Regalia:  Chris Carter & Megan Facey

Balls Officers:  Daisy Jennings-Gray & Yvonne Riley

Sponsorship:  George Delaney

Davey Bearer:   Will Davey


Materials President:  Abigael Bamgboye

GPS President:  Charlie Braham

DLB President:  Dan Lindsay

Written by: Matty Hayward

Web Officer 17/18








Matty Hayward

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