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The De La Beche Symposium 2018 “Early Earth – the World of the Precambrian” isn’t that far away!

Taking place in G41 on Wednesday 31st January!!

Our speakers and topics include; 

Professor Chris HawkesworthThe onset of Plate Tectonics
Professor Graham Shields – ‘Oxygenation of the oceans and atmosphere
Professor Nicholas J. Butterfield – ‘Mixing it up in the Proterozoic: oxygen, animals and aquatic bioturbation
Dr Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill – ‘Precambrian fossils and animal origins
Dr Ria L. Mitchel – ‘The 1100 Ma North American Midcontinent Rift: sedimentary processes, weathering, and early terrestrial biospheres
Dr Marie Busfield – ’20 years of Snowball Earth: a sedimentologist’s perspective
New to this year along with the free lunch and evening drinks, we will also be running the De La Bake off! We want everyone to bring in their baked goods and we will share them between everyone in the tea break in the afternoon.


They will be judged by our speakers, and we will have the following categories:
 – Best Bake
 – Best geology themed bake (bonus points for Precambrian theme!)
 – Public’s favourite
You can bring in a cake or cupcake, or traybake. Geology themed decorations are encouraged but not compulsory.


We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Phoebe Otten and Sequoia Trevorrow
De La Beche Symposium Officers 2017-18
Written by: Matty Hayward

Web Officer 17/18








Matty Hayward

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