Ice Skating

Date: 9 November, 2017   Posted in: Events




Whether you’ve been here for 2 months or just over 3 years, the appearance of an ice rink with a Christmas tree is a bit odd in late October. As time goes on and the mornings get a bit more chilly we all start to appreciate the festive mood it provides/ silently hate how many tourists it attracts while we plough our way to Imperial.

Regardless of which one it is, now it’s your chance try your hand (or feet?) at ice skating! What’s better than sharing the Christmas Spirit/ silent hate with your fellow miners?

November 20th – 5:15pm

Tickets are sold at £9.90
Include: Ice skating and a hot drink

Buy them here…!

Meet at RSM foyer at 5.15pm on to head over together.

Written by: Matty Hayward

Web Officer 17/18








Matty Hayward

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