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iGEM is an annual international student competition in synthetic biology, attracting teams from the world’s leading universities. Students develop their own projects to meet challenges in the wider world, in the process using and developing standardised tools for the engineering of biological systems. The projects, completed over the summer, are hard work, but very rewarding.

2018 iGEM competition

Since we first entered in 2006, we have consistently entered talented teams with innovative projects ranging from water purification solutions, to drug delivery mechanisms, to soil erosion preventions. You can find out more about each of our projects at the bottom of this page. All the projects have been successful and rewarding, leading to papers, funding and even spin out companies. In 2016, the Imperial team won for the first time, having placed second in both 2006 and 2014.


iGEM 2016 - Ecolibrium

iGEM 2014 - Aqualose


BIOMOD is an annual biomolecular design competition for students. Undergraduate teams compete to build the coolest stuff using the molecules of life. Previous winners have used DNA, RNA, and proteins as building blocks to create autonomous robots, molecular computers, and prototypes for nanoscale therapeutics. Students lead projects each summer and then travel to the Jamboree in late October to present their work and win awards.