The synthetic biology society at Imperial

SynBIC at Imperial

The society was founded in 2014 by Imperial iGEM alumni and other students, with the aim to help develop the next generation of synthetic biologists and be the synbio social platform for students from Imperial and elsewhere.

At SynBIC, we believe that any individual should have access to opportunities to learn about synthetic biology and contribute to the happenings of this exciting field. This year, we worked towards this goal by
(i) hosting an exciting seminar series to bridge the knowledge gap between students, research groups and industrial partners,
(ii) persuading the Synthetic Biology Centre at Imperial to register a team at this year’s International Synthetic Biology competition (iGEM) and
(iii) coQfounding, strengthening and ensuring the smoothQrunning of the SynBioUK Network, a nationwide, studentQled network of synthetic biology enthusiasts.

All in all, through SYnBIC We hope to amplify the presence and knowledge-transfer of Synthetic Biology, both for the betterment of the field, its presence in Imperial and to support the community of individuals interested in this field.


Imperial College London is world-renowned for being at the forefront of innovations in engineering and technology. Synthetic Biology - a field that was shaped into reality by the needs of the 20th century towards a design-oriented future - presents a visionary overlap between engineering and biology that is also internationally and prominently represented at Imperial.

The CSynB (Centre of Synthetic Biology and Innovation) is the Synthetic Biology hub at Imperial College and it propagates ‘powerful new technology’ with impact to health care, industry and foundational research. Furthermore, Imperial College consistently performs exceptionally at iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine), the single largest Synthetic Biology competition and conference in the world.

Synapse 3S (SynBIC, SynBiCITE, and Synapse