About MathSoc

The Maths Society, or MathSoc, is one of the largest student societies at Imperial College with approximately 700 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate members, the majority of whom are studying Maths. We are a not-for-profit organisation under the umbrella of the Imperial College Union.


MathSoc Subcommittees

Our aims

During the course of the academic year we aim to:

  • Provide information about opportunities in sectors of interest to maths students, particularly regarding networking, work placements, internships or research opportunities.
  • Hold a variety of social events, career-oriented events, skill workshops and trips to world-class research facilities, ensuring all the while to give our members something unique.
  • Bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and other staff in the research groups to encourage students to build their networks around college.

Committee 19/20

Hi, I'm Aishy, your President this year, happily sacrificing another year of my life for MathSoc! I tend to live in the MLC wearing MathSoc merchandise, so if you see me (most likely looking stressed), please do come say hi or give me hug, I probably need it! Aishy Chidambaram President
Hi, I'm Julio, your Vice President for the year. I am well known for my (lack of) quality chat and chill ways of living (perhaps too much). Feel free to talk to me if you see me around, I'm a nice person (sometimes)! Julio Perez Vice President
Hi, I'm Lorenz and am this year's Treasurer. Thank you for trusting me with MathSoc's finances! But tbh if you don't see me around uni for a few days, chances are I took all of MathSoc's money, moved to a tropical Island and am surfing all day with occasional breaks for a cold beer. Lorenz Wolf Treasurer
Hi, I'm Chris, the Secretary. I send the emails. I like robots. Christopher Smith Secretary
Hi all. I'm Dom the External Vice of MathSoc and currently a final year Mathematics student. You'll probably find me in and around the MLC doing some sums. Feel free whenever to say hello, ask me about some Maths or share an interesting puzzle. Dominic Chrumka External Vice
Hi my name is Ludovica. I am one of your Social Events Officers this year. My goal is to make fun plans for all of you and make sure you enjoy your time. If you have any suggestions let me know! Ludovica Pagliarone Social Events Officer
Hello, I am Marwan, your Career Events Officer. This year it will be my job to ensure career events run smoothly and sustain and build upon relationships with our current and potential sponsors. Please do give me a shout if you have any good suggestions as to potential sponsors. Marwan Riach Career Events Officer
Hello, I'm Nick, your Publicity Officer, so apologies in advance for ruining Huxley's walls with posters. I am always in the MLC because I have no life so come say hi whenever! Nick Manrique Publicity Officer
Hi, I'm Sorcha, one of your Social Events Officers for this year! Feel free to come up to me in the MLC with your suggestions for events. My top priority for the year is to engage more of our members with a wide variety of events! Sorcha Owens Social Events Officer
Tom Gregory Postgraduate Representative
Hi, I'm Gautam and I'm the MathSoc Webmaster this year. I generally work behind the scenes, so you'll see most of my work at Gautam Chaudhuri Webmaster

Past Committees