About MathSoc

The Maths Society, or MathSoc, is one of the largest student societies at Imperial College with approximately 700 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate members, the majority of whom are studying Maths. We are a not-for-profit organisation under the umbrella of the Imperial College Union.


MathSoc Subcommittees

Our aims

During the course of the academic year we aim to:

  • Provide information about opportunities in sectors of interest to maths students, particularly regarding networking, work placements, internships or research opportunities.
  • Hold a variety of social events, career-oriented events, skill workshops and trips to world-class research facilities, ensuring all the while to give our members something unique.
  • Bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and other staff in the research groups to encourage students to build their networks around college.

Committee 18/19

Hi all, I’m the president of MathSoc, and officially an Engineer by title (but a Mathematician at heart!). Like the past two years, I hope to keep serving MathSoc and leaving it as a society many times more fun, lively, connected and of course, richer than when it was handed to me (pretty hard considering it was already really great!). You’ll probably find me in and around the MLC, SSH’d into some supercomputer and running cool simulations. As I’ll always say, if you have any questions about anything MathSoc related, you can let me know. Hitesh Kumar President
Hi all. I’m the Vice President of MathSoc and currently a third year Mathematics student. I hope to make MathSoc greater than previous years and help the society run as smoothly as possible. We’ve already worked hard to ensure that MathSoc this year has more funds than previous years and will strive to ensure more activities for Maths students. You’ll probably find me in and around the MLC doing some sums. Feel free whenever to say hello, ask me about some Maths or share an interesting Maths problem. I’m always open to hear how our society can be improved. Dominic Chrumka Vice President
😎😈😝🤙🤣 Ankush Rajput Treasurer
Christopher is studying in his third year, and specialising in statistics and computation. When he’s not eating Franco Manca pizza, he enjoys running, mountain biking, and spending time with his dog. As secretary, he’ll be the one sending you emails every week. Christopher Smith Secretary
Harrison is currently in his 4th year studying Mathematics at Imperial, having spent his 3rd year as an exchange student at EPFL in Lausanne. He is interested in the applications of statistical learning, extreme value theory and threshold exceedances to genetics, environmental sciences, agriculture and computer vision. In addition, he is also keen on topics such as manifold learning, topological data analysis and probability theory. Outside of mathematics, Harrison is an avid football fan, having built statistical models that predict football scores and outcomes via Bayesian inference that were put into practice during the FIFA world cup! Harrison Zhu Webmaster
I believe one’s destiny depends on self-struggle but also need to take into account the history. I do not know, as a common student in math department, how I was chosen to be the career event officer. So everyone is saying ‘The union has already decided, you are going to be the career event officer’. I said please invite another more talented master. Actually I am not too modest either. How did a common student become career event officer? However, the department said that ‘everyone has done some research and decided’, so I read two sentences in a Chinese poem called ‘I will do whatever it takes to serve my college even at the cost of my own life, regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself.’ Shibo Lu Career Events Officer
What’s up everyone, I’m a third year maths student and graphic design is my passion. At the moment I’ve managed to escape London as I’m studying in Switzerland for my year abroad, but I’m this year’s Publicity Officer for MathSoc and I’ll be closely involved in the day to day organisation and running of the society. When running for committee, the others and I were determined to present an alternative and exciting version of the mathematics society - one in which we can build a real community spirit and provide a great time for everyone in the department. Be sure to get in touch if y’all have any ideas or suggestions to achieve this goal 😎😈😝🤙🤣 Peter Hull Publicity Officer
Roxanne is a 2nd year maths student at Imperial. She has been greatly enjoyed taking part in MathSoc events and is the External Vice for MathSoc this year. Working with her team, she is responsible for seeking sponsorships and partnerships with companies and societies for this competition. Her goal is to connect the data challenge participants with leading companies in the industry, getting exposed to both professional knowledge and plenty networking opportunities. Ruihua Zhang Careers Officer
Aishy is one of MathSoc's Social Events Officers this year. Currently in her second year, she enjoys balancing her time between MathSoc, Netball and giving out wellbeing hugs. In line with the improved MathSoc, Aishy is excited to organise a wider variety of socials this year and increase our social media presence. Let her know if you have any ideas and she'll be happy to try to organise them! Aishwarya Chidambaram Social Events Officer
Future Facebook Software Engineer Pranav KalidindiPostgraduate Representative
😎😈😝🤙🤣Joe MalbonSocial Events Officer

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