This committee's achievements:

  • Had quite likely the most successful Christmas dinner, Quiz night, Bar night and end of year BBQ in many years
  • Partnered with many new organisations and secured a record-breaking amount of sponsorship for MathSoc
  • Started the popular 'Women in Maths' talks and had external speakers from the University of Cambridge in the inspirational talks
  • Created the Imperial Mathematics competition and Imperialis undergraduate journal subcommittee's
  • Strengthened realtionships with other socieities both within and outside Imperial

Committee 16/17

"On Oct 6th 2014, an angel from Scotland descended upon Imperial, she made cookies for everyone and never stopped liaising to obtain the best solutions for all. Her current project is the fabulous 'Women in Maths' afternoon teas and when she's not mathsing, she's hiking with fellwanderers or running with cross country." Emma McCracken Departmental Representative, Social Events Officer
Hello there, as your MathSoc President, I am responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the society, as well as, with my committee, constantly coming up with new ideas for your events. As an international citizen, I believe that MathSoc is a global society and that everyone is welcome to join us. Your time at Imperial may be tough, but join us and we will accompany you in your this special journey. Harrison Zhu President
Hi! This is Cynthia, third year undergrad. Things I like: hiking, dried banana chips and my dog. See you around in Huxley! Cynthia Zeng Vice President
As Treasurer, I'm here to make sure we successfully allocate our funding into great events through the year! When I'm not busy calculating our budget, you can find me taking photos around London or cooking every cuisine under the sun. Abhishek Mukherjee Treasurer
Hi! I'm a second year maths undergrad and secretary of your committee; when I'm not answering phone calls behind a desk in a pencil skirt, I enjoy playing the drums and going to gigs. Toyosi Sadare Secretary
Hi everyone, As your webmaster my role is to maintain and develop our website based on your ideas, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, or find something wrong with the site, please let me know. Additionally, Im quite into applied maths, programming, web development, Kung Fu and Table tennis, so if you want to discuss any of those, do find me in the MLC! Hitesh Kumar Webmaster
As an international student from China, my first experience working in a truly global team has proven to be extremely stimulating. I work closely with other team members to recruit sponsorships, hold both social and careers events.I Hope to bring you guys an unforgettable Maths Year! Tingqu Zhou Career Events Officer
Hello everyone! I am working as External Vice. My job is to assist with career events and manage the relationship between MathSoc and companies. I Hope everyone takes part in more events and give any feedback if you have any suggestions. I would be pleased to receive your advice and improve my work! Gefei Yin External Vice