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A New Year Dawns: 2009/2010

Once again, it is that time. The years come and go, but the dice keep on rolling and the pieces keep on moving. It is the beginning of a new year! Please come and visit us at Femto-con which will be held in Huxley 343 on Wednesday 21st of October. Watch the Forum for more information as and when it becomes avaliable.

One-Shot Sundays

Are you new to roleplaying, looking to try out new systems, or just lacking the time to commit to a weekly campaign? Well this year we are starting a new scheme to get more of you into roleplaying. Starting on the 21st October 08, and hopefully continuing every Sunday, we are running a series of One-Off roleplaying games over a range of systems. Each Sunday you'll get the chance to learn a new system, with a new GM, and try out new characters.
Watch your e-mail for more information on what exactly will be being run each week.

A New Year Dawns: 2007/2008

As everyone settles in to their new accomodation for the year, dust is blown off stacks of rule books and dice are awoken from their summer slumber, there is one question on everyone's minds..."When do the games begin?"

To find out, come find us at Freshers Fayre on Tuesday 2nd October, or at Femto-con which will be held in the union on Wednesday 10th October.

Watch the Forum for more information as and when it becomes avaliable.

In the Summertime...

...when the weather is fine.
Hope everyone is having a good summer. As always at this time of year our club is pretty inactive. There are a few games running at the moment, but they're all full. Check the Forum for news on one off gaming days and the like.

As you can all probably tell the website is undergoing a clean up. I'm trying to improve the overall layout and utility of the site. I hope to keep disruption to the site down to a minimum whilst I work.

As always if you have any suggestions for more content for the website do not hesitate to contact me.