Imperial College Wargames

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What do we play?

Our society is typically running between 5-10 games at any one time. We mainly run a mixture of role-playing games and wargames.

For role-playing we have a number of current members who are happy to run games, and we also encourage new members to run each year. We run all sorts of systems, D&D 3.5, Gurps 3rd Ed, 7th Sea and Exalted to name but a few of the current running campaigns. Most of our role-playing games tend to be campaign based, where it is best to be able to turn up to each session. However some GM's also run one-offs or short campaigns, especially near the beginning of the first term.

Our Wargamers tend to stick to various types of Games Workshop games, 40K, Warhammer and Bloodbowl being the preferred ones at the current time.

The society also has a moderate collection of board and card games which are stored in our cupboard. These can be retrieved by any committee member on request and played during our sessions or sometimes during lunch.

A complete list of the games in our cupboard can be found here.

Where are we?

You can often find us on the top floor of the union on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and evenings, where we run games. Alternatively come down to the ICSF library in the West Basement of Beit Quad during lunchtimes. There are usually a bunch of us in there.

The afternoon session is from midday to 6pm, at which point food is generally required. Once everyone returns from feeding, the evening session begins, and finishes when people have to get the last tube, security come round and chuck us out or people get tired.

More Info

To find out more about our society, discuss the games we are running, or just have a browse, please visit our forum

If you want to join one of our many role-playing campaigns or just turn up and play one of our many boardgames then come along to one of our sessions and find a member of the committee.

You can also join the wargames mailing list.

We are associated with the Queen's Tower Society