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Our main event, Femto-con, will be on Wednesday 14th of October, in the Union Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. Please come along!

Imperial College Wargames Society is a club dedicated to playing a variety of games. Everything from Board Games (such as Twilight Imperium), through Miniature Games (such as Warhammer 40K) to Role Playing Games (such as D&D and GURPS), from the serious to the down right silly. Whatever your preference, you're bound to find a like mind in our club. We welcome all levels of players, from the experienced right down to the beginner, and run games that cater for all.

So whether you want to plot world domination, fight your way to the treasure, or just sit around and have a laugh with a bunch of friends, the Wargames Society is the place for you.

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Board Games & RPGs

Magic: The Gathering

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We are associated with the Queen's Tower Society