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Every year since Bo' has been owned by C&G there has been a designated Bo' Driver:

2017/2018: Matthew Homburg
2016/2017: Scaglietti Galimberti
2015/2016: Benjamin Wainwright
2014/2015: Sam Esgate
2013/2014: Mateusz Gocek
2012/2013: Mazda Rustomji
2011/2012: Robert Goodwill
2010/2011: Robert Carter
2009/2010: David Hankin
2008/2009: Rick Smith
2007/2008: Henry Weaver
2006/2007: Simon Hamlin
2005/2006: David Horton
2004/2005: Dan Reader
2003/2004: James Divine
2002/2003: Dan Lehmann

This will be added to as and when the "old farts" can remember, or someone digs information out of the archive!