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The club for skaters from beginner to pro – roller hockey, slalom, ice, indoor and outdoor. Borrow skates and safety equipment, join us for London events.

SkateSoc is Imperial's club for roller-skaters and ice-skaters, both beginner and expert. We can teach people to skate up to almost any level, including slalom, hockey, jumps, slides, speed and figure skating.

We can get you to the standard to join lots of other skaters on the famous London (easy) Saturday Skate, Sunday Stroll or Friday Night Skate as well as our socials that include roller and ice-discos!


Wednesday Skate


Every Wednesday

Beit Quad

Our weekly sessions take place every Wednesday outside the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. We meet up in Beit Quad at 1pm, collect skates and equipment, and walk over (it only takes 5 minutes!).

You have the freedom to do whatever you fancy, whether it's learning the basics, practicing your slalom tricks, playing roller hockey with friends or even a bit everything! There's even opportunities to skate to Buckingham Palace or around the Serpentine!

Wednesday Ice Skate


Every Wednesday

Queens Skate

We have weekly ice skating sessions every Wednesday at Queens skate (near Queensway, on the North edge of Hyde Park). We meet at Queens at 2:30pm to start at 2:45. Bring your Imperial ID for discounted entry! Once we're in you can do what you want! Normally there will be group lessons also available, appropriate for all levels! Visit the Skate Society Union page in advance to pay for them if you want to join in.


Josh Moody


4th Year Design Engineer

I've been skating for over 7 years now and it's become a huge part of my life - mostly because of the fantastic people I've met along the way!

I started skating through roller hockey but since joining SkateSoc I've also loved all the street skates in London as well as competing in big skating competitions such as Le Mans!

I'm very proud to be president of such a wholesome society and am dedicated to making sure we're still able to safely come together and skate this year. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Sophie Peng


3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

I joined SkateSoc in my first week of uni and haven’t looked back since!

My role involves making sure our finances are well organised and documented and that we can allocate the right amount of money for all the activities we run!

I probably won’t be seen without my Hello Kitty watch, which I got from a McDonald’s Happy Meal 5 years ago (I’m as surprised as you are that it still works).

Stephanie Yeung


2nd Biomedical Engineering

Skating has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and joining SkateSoc made me fall in love with skating in whole new ways with our friendly and energetic skaters!

As secretary for SkateSoc, I roll out (pun intended!) our weekly bulletin providing you updates on skating sessions and upcoming activities, as well as wholesome skating GIFs/memes/stories! I also help out with the admin aspect of our club :)

When I'm not skating, you could probably find me taking photos around London (But you'd most likely find me sleeping happily in my bed!)

William Skinner

Social Secretary

4th Year Materials

I joined SkateSoc in my first year at uni mainly just aiming to learn how to skate, but everybody was so friendly, welcoming and supportive that instead of just learning how to skate, I also made a whole bunch of really great friends, and it’s been such a pleasure for me to continue to meet awesome new people over the last two years in SkateSoc!

My role as Social Secretary is to organise lots of fun events for the society to get involved in, so that hopefully everyone who joins this year has as great an experience as I did in my first year in SkateSoc!

My proudest achievement since joining Skatesoc is definitely learning how to brake – it’s made going down hills so much less scary!

Aida Manzano Kharman

Ice Manager

4th Year Design Engineer

Hiya! I'm Aida, your new ice manager for this year! I'm a 4th year Design Engineer that loves all things ice skating, and I'm really excited to put together fun and safe events for you this year. Whether you're a complete beginner, a pro, or wanna impress your friends with some new tricks next time you go to the rink, skate soc is the place to join! ⛸️❄️✨

Dariusz Duszynski

A Little Bit of Everything

2nd Year Physics

My main goal during freshers fair was to join the skate society and it turned out to be everything I had hoped for and even more, so this year I’m excited to join the committee as a general committee member. My role includes helping the other members whenever more work is needed and with around 12 years of inline skating experience, I hope to answer all skating related questions, teach some skating and spread the positivity I've seen when joining this society.

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