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Or-egg-ami Flyers Great Egg Race
Due to overwhelming enthusiasm the Origami club entered two teams for "The Great Egg Race" of 2003. We were the Or-egg-ami Flyers and came up with a design whose originality rivalled that of our imaginative name... Our proposed design, which resembled a hang-glider with a huge tail, was a little unconventional and it took a few minutes to convince the sceptics. If it wasn't for the Blue-Peter-esk prototype made from cereal packets and parcel tape perhaps we would've settled on something a little more sensible. However, time was short so made a start... We puzzled over how best to construct the main triangle which would form the wing of our contraption while a rather ingenious egg holder was created using two plastic cups and some straws. The flyer was ready for testing. Bravely we took the contraption to some wide open stairs and weighted it as best we could to simulate the egg. It was launched and dived on to the concrete! Fortunately it suffered hardly a scratch and after a few more trial runs we had a better idea of how to weight it! With minutes to spare we added the egg and made some final tweaks before braving the side winds along the main walkway as we made our way to the Queen's Tower. The weather was fair but breezy. cont on next page...
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