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Or-egg-ami Flyers Great Egg Race
With minutes to spare we added the egg and made some final tweaks before braving the side winds along the main walkway as we made our way to the Queen's Tower. The weather was fair but breezy. We watched some planes soar, and some plummet. A few interested bystanders inspected our plane which seemed to be the only one to use a plastic covering. It did look a little tacky compared with some of the tissue covered masterpieces on display. Our turn came to ascend the tower. Our 'official' photographer managed to blag his way through and representatives from both teams made their way upwards. It was windy on the tower and it felt surprisingly high up. The wind was gusting and we knew it could go either way. Our plane was launched more nervously than ever, but it soared. It caught an up-draft and even though it was thrown slightly downwards it climbed and gathered speed towards the library. But it could not climb forever and nearly stalled before gliding fast towards the ground. It began to pull up but it was too late. It landed on the grass and slid to what we judged to be third position. Everyone enjoyed the day and we were proud of our effort. The glider, minus the egg, is now being lovingly cared for by Claire. - James
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