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Aerogami Eggsperts Great Egg Race


The Aerogami eggsperts made a plane with very beautiful wings. The balsa wood wings were held with tissue paper which was "heat contracted" with a hair dryer to give the wing an aerofoil shape. Our (smiling) egg was closely placed inside a cup with windows with plenty of plush padding to keep it safe. However, despite our efforts on the aerodynamics on the wings, the Aerogami Eggsperts only got as far as the bin, arriving to the ground with a very smooth safe landing for our cosy, protected egg. I am very proud of our team for building such a lovely plane. We could have done better on the day but the wind wasn't on our side (and perhaps the wings were a little too far back...) but I think we all had a fun afternoon and we look forward to next year so we can build more beautiful wings and fly much, much further to the next bin on queens lawn. - Hazel
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