Origami news page - details of events

The Great egg-race
Orisoc put in two teams - Ok so we did not win. But we put up a good fight and had fun. Next year Andy Chipling said he will build his own to show us how it is done.

Committee reshuffle
Club President Amjid Ali has moved over to become our Press and Publicity Officer. Hazel Hung is now our new President. We thank them both for all there good work in the past and offer our support to them with their new roles within the IC Origami Club.

Bombardier Aerospace
Andy Chipling has accepted the kind invitation of Bombardier Aerospace (Northern Ireland) to help with their Paper Airplane Competition - On Wednesday 9th April 2003 in Belfast at the Odyssey Arena. Andy will be flying out and back in the same day - The total duration of the paper aircraft flights, may well be longer than Andy's actual flight time to and from the event! - Andy will be reporting back in fully on the event later on
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