What leads in front comes from behind

Imperial Origami Club (IOC)was set up in 1998 by a group of undergraduate mathematicians. Throughout the years, we have held exhibitions, raised money for charity as well as teaching our origami enthusiasts new models and techniques. In 2001 we were affiliated with the British Origami Society (BOS). It was brought to the clubs attention that the BOS had nowhere to meet in London so we offered them a place in college every month where they can fold to their hearts content as well as giving us the opportunity to learn from real origami-ists! - Since writing this the meetings have moved to BookEnds a Shop in South Kensington. At the start of the 3rd generation of club members, the club decided to take on the new name Orisoc. In 2004 the name reverted to Imperial Origami. We hope that you all enjoy Imperial Origami this year and that it gives you something to do with your lecture notes during those dreary moments in college.
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