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Welcome to the (new) web pages of the Imperial College Meat Appreciation Society. If you like meat, this is the place to come.This society exists to promote the enjoyment of meat in all its forms, and to encourage more appreciation of this most important of foodstuffs.

Well, actually, we exist to go to restaurants and eat lots of meat in the company of other carnivores. Still, it's a worthy goal nonetheless.

If you missed our last event (look for details of how that went on the Events page), never fear, we are cunningly planning another event to follow at some point soon.Keep an eye on your email if you signed up at fresher's fayre. To get on the mailing list, go here.

If you just can't get enough meat, try the links section for lots of Meaty sites. Alternatively, check out our somewhat sparse London Meat Guide page, or send us suggestions for places we need to add to it!

A report on our inaugural meating is up, you can find it on the events page, or here. Despite all my work, this is still most of the content on the site

Original content copyright 2003, Robbie Bain, Revised content copyright 2006, Peter Mabbott, Any unoriginal content is attributed wherever possible. Imperial College Meat Appreciation Society does not discriminate on the basis of diet. Vegetarians welcome! (We promise not to eat you)