ICGC Annual Dinner 2011

Dear Members of ICGC,

Hopefully, you’ve all remembered to keep 21st May free for the ICGC annual dinner. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to write a long and elaborate e-mail explaining how awesome it will be because I have lots of revision to do (and I wasted a lot of time making the poster above, good isn’t it?). If you don’t want to upset me, make sure I didn’t make this poster in vain by coming along to the annual dinner. The link below will take you to the form for the menu choices.


One course: £14 Two Courses: £16 Three Courses: £18

We will be putting up a payment thingy ma jiggy on the union website


Or you can pay by cheque. Or if you want you can give us 18 items from a pound-shop with the receipt.

The venue has said there is there is a slight possibility that the menu will change but is should be as below. Please respond as soon as possible with your choice if you want to come because otherwise I will get angry and I am quite dangerous because I am a yellow belt in ju jitsu and will walk up behind you and poke you with a stick. Have you ever played Worms? How embarrassing was it when your worm got killed by being poked off the side into the water? My favourite weapons were the holy hand grenade, the super sheep and the concrete donkey even though I only got the concrete donkey once.

  • Soup of the day*
  • Calamari with tartare dip
  • Houmous with coriander and carrot and cucumber batons

  • Cottage pie with carrots and Savoy cabbage
  • Cumberland sausage and mash with balsamic red onion gravy
  • Roasted roots risotto with goats cheese and tarragon
  • Char-grilled gammon and free range eggs with chips

  • Plum, raspberry and frangipane tart with custard
  • Mascarpone cheese cake with rhubarb compote
  • Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream

Half a bottle of wine is included in the price.

*I’ll try to find out what the soup of the day is as soon as possible and change it accordingly or if you are feeling a bit daring just go for it!

The Drayton arms is along Old Brompton Rd. a short walk away from uni. Here is a map

Jonathan Westoby

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