Equipment Availability

Todo: Probably needs updating.

Asset Condition Location Comments
“496” Grob 103 Serviceable Hangared Just been hard waxed – Keep it as nice as she is now! Wash and cover after every day!
“296” Discus B Serviceable Trailered next to Norrie Hangar
“96” ASW 24 Serviceable Trailered next to Norrie Hangar
Batteries x7 Serviceable Workshop (Airfield South Side) 96 now has a serviceable tail battery and spare main battery
Parachutes x4 Serviceable Flying Office Remember to put away in Flying Office (Bottom Shelf), in bags
Garmin GPS III Serviceable 296 Cockpit //
Garmin GPS III Pilot x2 Serviceable Workshop Belong to 496
Volksloggers x2 Serviceable Workshop
Volkslogger Serviceable 496 Cockpit 496 now all techy!
Oxygen Kits Empty & Unchecked Workshop Kit available for all gliders. Mandatory use over 12,000ft AMSL//

If you find any item of equipment unserviceable, in an alternative location, or faulty in any way, please contact the Equipment Officer at