Summer 2004

I’m sure it has not gone unnoticed that the weather in England this summer has not been good. For glider pilots bad weather is far from ideal. However, this summer saw the return of the Imperial College Gliding Club to the Czech Republic. With greatly improved weather conditions our pilots can progress quickly and achieve goals in soaring and cross-country flying. In July icGC pilots and 2 of our aircraft made the trek through Europe sporting Imperial College Gliding Club on our trailers to spend four weeks experiencing the foreign soaring conditions.


296 in a field

We returned to “Aeroklub Vlašim”, after a very successful visit in 2003. It was an added bonus to go to an airfield where we already had a good reputation. We settled in quickly and flew the afternoon we arrived. Flying at this airfield is much cheaper than in the UK, allowing us to make plenty of flights. Even though the first week saw a few summer storms, the weather was still much better than England and many valuable flights were made during the breaks in the storms. Thankfully the storms passed quickly and the weather begun to exceed our expectations, giving us the opportunity to obtain any duration flights we needed for our training.

Many achievements were made whilst in the Czech Republic. Special mention should go to Rashwan Jalal who made his first solo flight in the Czech Republic! Another pilot manages to obtain the duration requirements for their bronze awards and cross country endorsements. Several pilots were able to build up their solo hours to help towards other awards by making many flights of several hours in duration. These achievements were made possible by having our own instructors with us, who kindly took time off to come and help us.

The Czech Republic proved an excellent location once again, and not only for the flying. The Members of Aeroklub Vlašim were welcoming and seamlessly fit us into their community. The town was a short drive or walk away with restaurants that were very cheap but good quality. As we were not able to fly at night our attentions were turned to the local youth hang-out, the bowling alley. On the few days we didn’t fly there was a choice of visits to Prague, the castle in Vlašim or a nearby airfield to fly in light powered planes with the tug pilot from Aeroklub Vlašim.