Juniors 2005

Day 1

Well, the icGC lot have arrived at Bicester and (minus a few last minute bugs with 96’s radio) are ready to go! Jamie is in 296 and Shaun is in 96, with Sian and Holly as respective (but not very respectful) crews. Sian already has had to polish 296 3 times in a row. hehe.

Day 1: Task set: BI1 Bic St N – BROadway – TET Tetbury – DID Didcot – BICester A/F – Task length 196.2km ;

Blue day, bit difficult around Cirencester/Fairford, but on the whole climbs were good. Jamie got round, and came 24th, and Shaun landed out at Aston Down (coming 41st) having pussied out at Cirencester (oops). So far Jamie hasn’t gone into any parachute drop zones, but there’s time yet! After a 4 hour retrieve for 96, a well earned beer was had!



Day 2

Rained off, d’oh!

Day 3

A day again! And there are clouds today, wohoo! Good climbs (3-5kts) up to 5000′ at times. Task today was an assigned area task with the big sectors at Chipping Norton and Northampton South, and both IC chaps got back with their marvellous flying machines intact!! Jamie came 18th with 277.5km, and Shaun came 45th with 160km (you can tell whose first comp it is can’t you). Easy enough down to Chipping Norton, but a bit tough at Northampton at times with higher cloud bases but slower climbs.

Day 4

Today we have rain, rain, 30 knot winds, rain and a bit more skuddy bloody rain! So, it’s scrubbed at 10am… :-S Rest of week looks decidedly dodgy :-S

Day 5

A task again! Are we going to fly every other day?! hehe! Task today is a 206.4km polygon with turnpoints at: Bic – BGC – EDG – WEC – MUR – Bic. 1st launch was at noon, and so far (3pm), Shaun landed back at the airfield having been swept down by the trough coming through (having gone only about 25km!), and Jamie landed out at Buckingham (which is nowhere near Cheltenham, Jamie is surprised to find out) having rounded the first turnpoint but been dragged earthwards by yet more crappy rainy weather! Lots of landbacks and landouts today! …… At least one person past Y, so it’s a contest day! Shaun tried again at 4:15pm, only to get to Milton Keynes and see rain everywhere – 2nd final glide to Bicester in a 25 knot headwind today! Grr! Shame about the rain, the streets were 5-6kts up!! :-S

Day 6

A task again, wohoo, a run of it! Today it’s BI1 – BED – NOW – DID – WSL – BIC, about 215km. Conditions were storming until Northampton, which died completely quite early on. Those who rounded NOW early scrabbled back to Bicester (Jamie, 296), and those who did not glid into the inevitable landout immediately after rounding NOW (Shaun, 96). The field which 96 ended up in had another EIGHT gliders in it!

Day 7

What a useless day… grid squatting till 2pm ish, then scrubbed…

Day 8

We have a task! Weather looks good, nice long window but possibly blue-ish in areas. Task is an AAT, around OXS, OLN, and TOW. Jamie did well and got round, doing 233km and coming 10th! (well done!). Shaun had problems pushing back to BIC into the 25kt headwind, and after scraping about for an hour and not moving landed out after 167km, coming 42nd.

Day 9

Last comp day! Looking very difficult: weak thermals and massive wave interference! Minimum task has been set: Newport Pagnell, Oxford East, and back for 95.1km. Lots of landouts by the greats today, but 21 gliders got back. Shaun final glided back to Bicester (arriving at 150ft :S) after deciding 15km out that landing back was better than field landing. Jamie landed in a field 15km from the airfield on the way back, and came 27th for the day. Overall scores are: Jamie 12th, Shaun 46th