Member Achievements

Current Students


Name Solo Bronze XC 100km Diploma Silver Gold Diamond Aerobatic Rating Instructor
Nick Tam Yes                
Chloe Kirkpatrick Yes                
Teddy Szemberg O’Connor Yes                
Wojciech Kowalski Yes                


Ex Student Members

Those Still around

Name Solo Bronze XC Silver Gold Diamond Aerobatic Rating Instructor
Tim Horbury Yes Yes Yes            
John Davey Yes Yes Yes            
Jon Westoby Yes                
Ryan Tunstall Yes Yes Yes Full     Standard    
Andrew Cockerell Yes Yes Yes Full Full   Standard Assistant
Rory Condon Yes Yes Yes Full        
Jamie Denton Yes Yes Yes Full Distance Distance   Assistant
Shaun Murdoch Yes Yes Yes Full       Assistant
Sejul Shah Yes Yes Yes Full     Standard Assistant
Emma Worley Yes              
Abeed Visram Yes              
Michiel Blokzijl Yes                
Szymon Bartuś Yes Yes Yes Full      Standard    
Tom Arscott Yes Yes Yes Full Distance & Height  Goal    Full
Egor Kyshtymov Yes Yes Yes          
Guy Dutton Yes Yes Yes Full      Standard  
Johnny Paterson Yes Yes Yes Full  Full  Distance    
Johannes Hoenigl Yes Yes Yes Full  Distance    Standard  
Ruben Menke Yes                
Kelvin Chan Yes                
Arman Amirzhan Yes                


Those to Pastures New

Name Solo Bronze XC Silver Gold Diamond Aerobatic Rating Instructor
Edward Coles-Gale Yes Yes   Duration        
Luke Cooper-Berry Yes Yes Yes Full       Basic
Ewan Crosbie Yes Yes Yes Full        
Sally Longstaff Yes Yes Yes Full        
Claire Malpas Yes                
Christian Morsbach Yes              
Michael Mortimore Yes              
Aki Pakarinen Yes Yes Yes Full Full Distance   Assistant
Jenny Pan Yes              
Marcus Rafla Yes     Duration        
Nouri Samsatli Yes Yes Yes Full        
Tom Sibley Yes                
Dimitris Tsitses Yes              
Agostino Cerioni Yes              


Annual Awards

Year Captain Irving Memorial Irving Pot Minton Pot Brake Cylinder Plank Horseshoe Ab Initio
2003 – 2004 Luke Cooper-Berry N/A Jamie Denton Jamie Denton Sejul Shah Pete Masson Duncan
2004 – 2005 Ed Coles-Gale N/A Jamie Denton Michael Mortimore Michael Mortimore Jamie Denton Hemraj Nithianarandarajah
2005 – 2006 Sally Longstaff Sejul Shah Jamie Denton Aki Pakarinen Not Awarded Aki Pakarinen Shaun Murdoch
2006 – 2007 Shaun Murdoch Aki Pakarinen Aki Pakarinen & Andy Cockerell Sejul Shah Shaun Murdoch Afandi Darlington Rory Condon
2007 – 2008 Emma Worley Jamie Denton Andy Cockerell Aki Pakarinen Sejul Shah & Shaun Murdoch Not Awarded Not Awarded
2008 – 2009 Abeed Visram Abeed Visram Andy Cockerell Andy Cockerell Rory Condon Rory Condon Shaun Murdoch
2011 – 2012 Jon Westoby Jon Westoby Not Awarded Jamie Denton Rory Condon Tom Arscott Jon Westoby
2012 – 2013 Tom Arscott Tom Arscott Tom Arscott Andy Cockerell John Paterson John Davey Not Awarded
2013 – 2014 Tom Arscott Egor Kyshtymov John Paterson David Williams Chloe Kirkpatrick Not Awarded Afandi Darlington Nigvi Tam
2016 – 2017 Thomas Plecce Amy Whistlecroft Tom Arscott Ayala Truelove Guy Dutton Jon Pring Jon Pring Donato Clun

Irving Memorial : For services to the gliding club

Irving Pot : For the fastest declared cross country flight

Minton Pot : For services to instructing

Brake Cylinder : The most unfortunate or memorable road retrieve

Plank : Least meritorious land out or daft outlanding

Horseshoe : The ‘better luck next time’ award

Ab Initio : *NEW 2014* The most promising pre-solo pilot/Best progression