Isn’t this all going to be expensive?

No! Gliding is much cheaper than most people think, and can be extremely cheap if you are careful.

Once you join icGC, the whole of Lasham Gliding Society’s facilities are made available to you. This is a 90% cheaper price than members of the public get! You also get half-price soaring in Lasham Gliders as a member of icGC.

icGC Membership Fees 2018/19

  • Full-Time IC Students/Staff/Ex-student: £49

If you wish to buy student membership now, you need to do it from the union website.

Sign up by then end of October to get a free flight from a winch launch.

Typical Flight Costs

In the world of gliding you pay a fixed amount for the launch and then a ‘soaring fee’ for each minute you’re in the air. And the instruction is included in the cost!

Full-time student costs:

  • Winch launch (charged by Lasham): £7
  • 2000ft Aerotow launch(charged by Lasham): £35.50
  • Soaring fees (icGC gliders): £0.26/min

Example Costs:

  • 10 minute flight in ‘496’ off a winch: £9.60 – The vast majority of your training flights will cost about this.
  • 30 minute flight in ‘496’ off a winch: £14.80
  • 1h flight in ‘496’ off a winch: £22.60
  • 20 minute flight in ‘496’ from 2000ft aerotow: £40.70

Minibus to Lasham (return): £10

Ex-Student Members

Anyone who has studied at IC for 1 year or more in the past, and has paid the Union for a Life Membership card. Life Members must join Lasham separately also as the union doesn’t allow us to subsidise you, and must pay £0.52/min in soaring fees. Take a look at our Ex-Student page.