icGC is based at Lasham airfield near Basignstoke, and is just a small part of the huge gliding operation there. Lasham is Europes largest gliding club. The advantages of this for us are that we have full use of Lashams fleet of gliders (as well as our own) and facilities. We also have the use of a caravan for accommodation and cooking facilities, and a seperate workshop – all free of charge. As well as gliding and launching facilities, Lasham has a bar, canteen, TV and showers.

If you want to know more, they have their own web site at www.lasham.org.uk or www.lashamgliding.co.uk

Finding Lasham

Lasham by car

Lasham by car is easy, get on the M3 motorway. Drive until you get to junction 5. Get onto A287 then follow signs to Odiham/Alton (B3349). Past the village called ‘Blounce’, turn right at Golden Pot Pub. After about 1 1/2 miles you will see the airfield on the left. Lasham Gliding Society (LGS) is signposted well on the left. Use the main entrance.

Lasham by train

Get a train from London Waterloo or Clapham Junction to Basingstoke station. There are fast trains all day long (35 mns) and the train fare is £8.20 return with a young persons railcard (well worth the money if you have not got one) or £24 without. Then get a TAXI to Lasham Gliding Club – It will cost you £15: if there is a group of you though it works out only to be a couple of quid each. There is a taxi stand just outside the station and a taxi company called Alpha Cars as well. You can also arrange ask people you know at Lasham for lifts from/to the train station. Bear in mind that on Sundays the underground is not that regular in the morning. It is advised to leave early to give you plenty of time to get to Waterloo. It is not uncommon for people having to wait around 20 minutes at Embankment for a train to Waterloo!(In this case, just walk 5 mns across Thames. So get up early, it is worth it once you are there!

Lasham by minibus

We do have a few minibus drivers so we often go by mini bus. This lowers the travel costs by a considerable amount. Normally for the first two terms there is a minibus going each weekend, so if you’re on the flying lists you’ll be going to Lasham with other icGC members on the Imperial minibuses. If you are over 21 and have had your driving licence for 3 years, apply for a minibus drivers test from the union, also, the drivers get to go for free! We are constantly looking for minibus drivers, so get in touch with us if you can drive the Imperial minibuses!

Lasham by bicycle

For the fitness fanatics, take a train to Alton station. You are allowed to take bikes on the trains! Cycling from Alton should take you around 20-45 minutes depending on how fast you can take it. Turn left out of Alton station, and cycle all the way through the high street, and keep going. Turn right at the mini roundabout, signposted Odiham. When you come to a T-junction, turn left towards Lasham. Eventually you will see a right turning signposted Lasham village, and a nice steep hill – climb this, and go straight through the village, past the Royal Oak pub, and you’ll see the big jets! You’re there! Basingstoke is the other option, it’s further and more difficult cycle but the trains are faster and more regular (especially on Sundays). Cycling from Basingstoke does however involve a busier route if following main roads with several steep climbs. Typically it is best to cycle to Lasham via the backroads (Approx 45 mins) and back to Basingstoke via the main road (25 mins and some serious downhill action – if your happy to brave the traffic!). Either way trains run from Clapham and Waterloo.

Accounts at Lasham

After your first few trips, icGC glider pilots willing to pursue their training towards their first solo flight are given an account number at Lasham, which is entered on the flight logs, so that your account is automatically debited each time you fly. You must ensure that this account is kept in credit by paying money in at the Lasham office. They take cash, cheques and all major credit cards. With a credit card you can also credit your account over the phone or on the internet.