Washing Kit

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Before records began

Washing Machine

The new Korean washing machine is shiny and musical. It has a range of settings, but it's almost always best to program them yourself.

Rinse - go all out and add the highest level of rinse (5) to every wash. Because we can't wash at a high temperature, this is a good way to get rid of dirt.

Ropes - flake tightly + add lots of stopper locks to the head. Place around drum of washing machine + wash on 20 (off-cold) with no detergent and no spin cycle. Don't overstuff as friction against the glass plate while spinning can melt ropes! Pad with neoprene if the drum is really empty - stops the spin cycle from being too vibronic, and reduces chance of uncoiling + tangling.

Furries - try and have a 100% polyester wash, as it will spin dry itself almost completely. Use synthetic at 30, with a spin at 800. Use detergent - shampoo is a good substitute if we're out of laundry stuff. If you add even a bit of cotton / neoprene everything comes out more damp.

Wetsocks - Usually put in with misc bits of muddied gear, such as footloops + cowstails / harnesses / etc. If the cowstails are suitably padded with neoprene stuff in the drum, you don't need to remove the carabiners. Wash as delicates, 20 C (off-cold), no spin cycle. Don't use detergent. Dry in the brothel.

Wetsuits - do not wash wetsuits. Instead hose them down and leave them to drip dry in stores, or in the brothel.

Tumble Dryer

EMPTY THE FLUFF CATCHER! Always set to lowest temperature possible; the polyester of the furries is very easily damaged. You can tumble dry furries, but not too hot --- use a timed dry, 1 hour at lowest temperature. You can add extra time to the cycle by using the push-buttons on the main display, up to a limit of ~1:39.

Currently (2016-11-21), the air hose for extracting the damp air has fallen off, so turn on the large box-fan extractor if you're tumble dryer to prevent the laundry becoming a sauna.

The brothel // drying cupboard

This big white fridge looking thing opposite the washing machine has "Dan's brothel" written on it (for Dan Credington, who was RCC Treasurer at the time, Outdoor club member, and who secured the funding for it in ~2009). It has long tubes that pipe out hot air, perfect for drying wetsocks. Thread a wetsock over a pipe, put the heat dial to pointing downwards (not the hottest setting) and the time to 4 hours. Add time as necessary. Also good for wetsuits and gloves.

Clothes Horse

There's a clothes horse in stores. Using it is better than leaving wet stuff in a pile.

Jack, November 2016, modified from Jarv (2007?)