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Created on:
Before records began
Last changed on:
January 22, 2019 16:14

The key SURVEX template:

; Survey of Penny falls
; A continuation of Ave Maria hall

*date 2018.07.22 ; Expedition Klic Globin
*title "Penny Falls"
*team "James Wilson" compass clino tape notes
*team "James Hooper" compass clino tape notes

;Data entered by David Kirkpatrick on 25/07/2018

*begin penny_falls

    *data normal from to tape compass clino ignoreall

    1    2    4.12    93    56

    ;STN1 is PSS

*end penny_falls

*equate penny_falls.penny_falls.15 ave_maria.ave_maria.1 

The key THERION template:

#Survey of Penny Falls, expedition Klic Globin
#A continuation of Ave Maria hall
#Data entered by David Kirkpatrick on 25/07/2018

survey penny_falls

    input "penny_falls-p.th2" # this is our therion 2D file containing lines, points and areas

    map m1-p -projection plan 
        penny_falls-p1 #including our first scrap in penny_falls-p.th2

    map m2-p -projection plan
        penny_falls-p2 #including our second scrap in penny_falls-p.th2

    join penny_falls-p1 penny_falls-p2

        date 2018.07.22
        explo-team "James Wilson"
        explo-team "James Hooper"
        team "James Wilson" insts notes tape
        team "James Hooper" insts notes tape

        units length meters
        units compass clino degrees
        data normal from to length compass clino
        1    2    4.12    93    56

        #STN1 is PSS



The Key therion compiler file.

Below, a sample file containing a new local layout, which incidentally could be hosted in a file called layout.th and then included via input path/to/layout.th

source "cave_system.th"

    layout local
          scale 1 500
          colour map-fg altitude             # colour by altitude with RGB call like [92 86 65]
          map-header 25 75 e                 # dictates where the map header should appear
          #symbol-hide line survey            # hide or show survey lines 
          #symbol-hide point station         # hide or show survey stationq
          legend on
          symbol-assign line slope BCRA  

export map -projection plan -o cave_system.pdf -layout local # this produces the pdf output

export model -fmt survex -o cave_system.3d #this produces the Aven .3d file for visualising data.

export model -o cave_system.lox #the native Loch view 3D file is produced here.

Template Therion 2D files (.th2)

This is where you essentially draw the cave survey. Please see the great tutorial on (link to superb tutorial) using therion to draw to have a play with real data and get to know the xtherion graphics user interface.

The building block of the Therion survey are the scraps: simple bits of cave, which can self-intersect or overlap. The more scraps the better.

A sample scrap code

Have a look at the .th2 files.

Each scrap begins and ends with the same syntax:



On average, I have 3-4 scraps per survey trip in Sistem Migovec, and that's often not enough...

Another note: I like the depth colouring which can be achieved with the line

    colour map-fg altitude

But each scrap can only support one colour (no gradients), so the more scraps there are, the smoother the colour transition between high level passages and low level.