Survey Books

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Created on:
Before records began
Last changed on:
Before records began

Laser Printed Surveys

We've made a couple of survey books, printed 4-up on a normal A4 sheet to be guillotined and comb-bound to make our own survey books.

Contact the club for the SVG (Inkscape) originals.

15 Leg from-to with LRUD

'arrow style' 13 legs with LRUD and duplicate station column (to make which station LRUD applies to explicit)

We didn't make this: just a blue feint 10x5x1mm multiweight A4 graph paper sheet Generated by where you can also find all kinds of weird and wonderful specialist papers to print.

This company:

Does waterproof paper at more sensible (bulk) prices. A4 Laser-printable 250 sheets for ÂŁ44.22. (i.e. 4p per made up survey page)

Update Nov 2007 Bought ourselves 250 sheets, used it for printable cave descriptions in duplex in a normal office laser printer - extremely impressive, mud just washes off, very tough, no tearing. Survived a very wet giants round trip with lots of consultation & still absolutely legigable!