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Before records began
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February 6, 2020 13:09


'W566 BFR is our bus of joy 5.6 metres long


Out on Sat 14th July, 1345 ish, back Sun 12th August, 1100 ish.

Quotes (8-12 weeks in advance): P&O (9 passengers):156.25 With Sea France: 112.00

Sea France (4 weeks in advance): 140 BOUGHT

"22. PASSENGER LISTINGS, we are legally required to record the name, age group and gender of each passenger, along with details of any special care or assistance needs. This information must be given to SeaFrance at the time of booking. If you wish to make any amendments after this time, please call 0871 663 2546 and speak to our Customer Service section. Failure to do this could cause delays when checking in at the port and may even result in passengers missing their booked sailing."