Satellite Imagery

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"Previously Satellite Imagery" Modified April 2017 by Tanguy Racine

True Colour ortho-photographs

Ortho-rectified imagery is available for browsing on the following website:

There several datasets are available for browsing, which include:

LiDAR Digital Elevation model

Light detection and Ranging is an active remote sensing technique mostly used to obtain high resolution Digital Elevation models. The raster datasets (X coordinate, Y coordinate, Z elevation) are available for download on the following page.

The datasets are available in ESRI format, that is readily usable on Geographical Information Systems such as ArcMap and are georectified using the D96 Transverse Mercator system. Many operations such as Hillshade, Slope maps or curvature maps can be performed on such datasets, highlighting edges, cliffs, shakeholes or textures on GIS programs.

Geological information

Another webviewer exists for those interested in the regional to local scale geology of the mountain and its region. This time it is the Slovenian Geological Survey's website.

Other sources of data

NASA page on Landsat, cheap sources of Data:

Landsat year 2000 ETM+ (15m resolution) FREE: Data split into multiple bands...