Before The Trip Planning

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Before records began
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February 6, 2020 13:02

What to do and when if you want to go caving.

As long as possible in Advance

Organise drivers

Trips need Drivers. Without enough people to drive the minibus, nothing will happen. Once you have drivers, or the expectation of drivers, start a list collecting names. 12 people is a good number in a 15 seater minibus, before having to resort to such faff as the roof rack (though this is not too much extra effort if you have the leaders and a good plan for the weekend).

A trip to Mendips / Wales is possible with just one driver, wheras a solo driving trip to Yorkshire would be extremely unpleasent. Of course, you ideally want many more - as the driver could become ill over the weekend.

Get cave permits

Permits for the classics (Lost Johns', Gaping Ghyll, can be tricky to get if you wait until the term itself. As soon as you have a plan, get the permits!

Google for up to date info.

The Term Before

Book the Minibus.

For a weekend trip, our typical times are from 17:00 on Friday to 23:59 on Sunday.

Book a hut

Choose a hut, and book it. The various region club's websites are are pretty good, and often have a booking calendar. The wardens are usually pretty good at email.

Our general hut preference is as follows:

2 weeks in advance

The minibus booking should have been processed, and the person making the booking should have received a confirmation email. CHECK THOSE DATES! Don't end up with a minibus supposedly returning at 11:59am on Sunday, or one that you can only pick up at 6am on Saturday!

Email everyone

Make sure everyone knows the time to meet at stores, what caves we're doing etc. Make sure fresher's get a nice email explaining what to bring and what to expect.

Tuesday before

Pack Kit

Make sure that everyone releases that they're coming at this point; that everything is booked & that all is go! Try to get as many people as possible to pack on this Tuesday. It makes Friday a lot less hectic.

The Fateful Friday

Well before 5pm

Just before leaving

On the way