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February 3, 2020 15:54


By Jarvist

Intending for UK Caving style Warmbac (Cordura fabric) / Meander/TSA (PVC) oversuits.

With thanks to Dave Wilson for additional points.


Summary: Clean them sensible, polish battery terminals with a pencil eraser, gently flex up contacts to stop batteries rattling.

Generally, as well as always taking the batteries out after a trip, the helmets should be dried for a number of days with the battery compartments popped open to avoid any corrosion. The little side lugs are actually designed to also act as little stands to prop open the battery compartment, when the helmets are stored 'correct way up'. Maybe consider storing helmets like this in one of the loaf-crates on a shelf? The battery cases tend to fall out from the dangling-pole storage, which isn't great...

Also: I think it would be a good idea to count how many good sets the club has, and fettling any 'abandoned' personal Bisuns in stores, particularly if considering running a 2x minibus or minibus+car trip! We should have 12X Duos in our 'core' stock, and a couple of additional converted Vertexs (white helmets).

Tackle Bags (PVC)

by Fiona, 2020

If the base or side of a tackle bag starts to rip away because the seams between panels are tearing, it can be repaired using a hot sharp implement and cable ties. Repair in a well-ventilated area to avoid gassing yourself.