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Personal Equipment for Slovenia Expedition. This is a short list of personal items to bring to Slovenia: Tents, stoves, eating stuff etc is provided by the club Up the hill Can get cold at night, and sometimes rains a lot, so best bring warm clothes. Above Ground: Good boots (fabric are best) Socks Sandals (optional) Fleece trousers or equivalent T-shirts Shorts Underwear (not too much) Fleece top or equivalent Hat Gloves Waterproof jacket Waterproof trousers (optional) Very, very warm down jacket (highly recommended)

Miscellaneous: Sleeping bag Very, very comfy thermarest or equivalent shite foam thingy. Walkman, tapes, batteries Water bottle Diary & pen Camera Books Sunglasses for posers Swiss army knife

Wash-kit (top) Toothbrush Toothpaste Spare specs for blind people (or disposable contacts) Feminine hygiene whatsits Footpowder (if your name begins with J) Medicines for sick people Underground Furry Oversuit Wellies Wetsocks/cave socks Kneepads Headover Survival bag Thermals Personal mini-bag Gloves

SRT equipment Harness Cowstails & krabs Footloop & screwgate krab & maillon Hand jammer Chest jammer & carbine hook Chest harness Descender & krab Breaking krab Prussik loops or spare jammer (do you know how to use them?)

Lighting Helmet Carbide headset Back-up light Battery holder Batteries Spare bulbs Carbide generator Krab

Down the Hill

Clothes Clean trousers Clean t-shirt Trainers Socks

Wash-kit (bottom) Shaving kit Soap Face cloth Shampoo Towel

Miscellaneous Money (I think the cash machine in Tolmin now works with foreign cards)

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