One Laptop Per Caver

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Survex on OLPC / XO

"One Laptop Per Caver"

My XO was croaking a little after various fiddles that had already taken place, so I reflashed direct from a USB stick (just download two files, plugin & reboot...):

Changed over to XFCE4 via these instructions:

Notes on OLPC/XFCE: To mount drive, open XFCE file manager (central 'folder' icon in dock) and click on device in left pane.

Got working cavern+aven binaries direct from Ubuntu Hardy Heron distribution via:

get the /usr/share/survex in its rightful place (need to be root), otherwise will complain about missing language info.

You now have working cavern!

Compiles mig.sxv (3291 stations, 3316 shots) in ~2 or 3 s.



(Note caps!)

Hmm, unfortunately this provides on the OLPC the 2.8 version of the libraries, whereas the Ubuntu aven links to 2.6. What now?


Alas even xcaverot is imcompatible: loads fonts in the old style X-server way, which have been removed from the OLPC to slim down X11.

Option Z

Install Debian / Ubuntu.