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February 6, 2020 13:09

Basically, Form A is for new caves, Form B is for updates to registered caves and Form E is for survey information.

Via Miha Cekada, head of the Cave Registry of the Speleological Association of Slovenia

The procedure including the forms is extensively described in http://www.jamarska-zveza.si/kataster/navodila.html There is an English version (in construction) at http://www.jamarska-zveza.si/cave_registry/instructions.html The most appropriate option is to fill in the Slovenian form in Slovene, but you may opt for an English one as well. Try to fill in as many forms as you can, with special emphasys on the metric data (location, dimensions). A survey is a must, however, if you haven't measured the cave extensively, a sketch is possible, or even a sketch of the upper part of the cave.


Kataster Official Reference Numbers for Mig

M1 4621 M2 4465 M3 4468 M4 4485 M5 4469 M6 4622 M7 4623 M8 4624 M9 4625 M10 4626 M11 4627 M12 4628 M13 4629 M14 4630 M15 4631 M16 6001 M17 5878 M18 8284 Torn-T, 1995? M19 8285 M20 8286 White Shiver Pot M21 8287 B9 / Jackie's Blower 1995 M22 8288 Venus Fly Trap M23 8289 Julie's Pantry M24 8290 PF10 Vrtnarija 8283 Gardeners' World Primadona 8282 Also now U-Bend Planika TBA Monatip TBA