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New or Second Hand?

Almost every item of caving equipment (from thermal underwear to rope) is an essential piece of safety equipment, as without it - you're liable to die. However, there is a difference between things such as SRT equipment, whose failure would result in death and for which simply inspecting its quality is insufficent, and things for which failure (such as holes in your furry) is far more clear.

Things ok to buy secondhand / cheaply Furry, wellies, oversuit, thermals, Bottles, SRT Bags, Rucksacks, Tents, books

Things never ok Rope, slings, metalwork, harnesses, battery belts (used to belay)

Things dubiously Lights, batteries

Basically - use your common sense. Quite often, its still best to buy some things (such as wellies) new as they'll wear much better.

Army Surplus

'World of Surplus' Army Kitbag

'eBay' seems the way forward...

Sigg Bottles

Besy supplier appears to be simply-outdoors:

Daren Drums

6.4L (two to a tackle sack) Dimensions: 198mm x 266mm (Neck diameter 136mm)


Flat Cell (= Duracell MN1203)


Carlisle glass seems very cheap Good reviews on google products.

Had a Bosch DLE50 Laser Rangefinder for Ł97 delivered inc. VAT, scooped 6-4-08 Sells rawl bolts per unit (only found zinc/yellow coated steel - no stainless)