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The main concept of our idea for caving First Aid for 2007 revolves around the idea of a two-tier deployment. The club will maintain six small first-aid kits for the leaders to carry in their SRT sacs, and a bright yellow Tacklesac (with two 6.4L Daren drums inside) will be kept in the minibus for use as 'second aid'.

Therefore: the leader kits are to:

The van-kit is to:

Typical use envisaged is something like this:

The leader-kits DO NOT contain: Food, backup lighting, clothing, knives or whistles. These should all be separately carried by cavers on trips.

Contents of the seven Leader Packs (400ml beakers)

The club has eight small first aid kits, in sealed waterproof beakers. Each kit is meant to provide minimal material for first aid underground. The kits are by necessity quite compact, and are not a replacement for the full first aid kit in the rescue bag.

Each team should have at least one (preferably two) first aid kits.

Each kit contains:

Spares of these are kept in the Spare First Aid drawer in stores, or in a white cardboard box on the shelves in expo stores. Vetrap is a brand of vet wrap made by 3M - it is the best version, but it is easy to be mis-sold it on Amazon or ebay by sellers who sell three metres (3m, geddit?) of vet wrap!

The purpose of each item is as follows (the list is not exhaustive!):

Note: There is a belief in the first aid community in the UK that you should not give or offer someone drugs such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, but instead allow the patient to take them. This statement is included for completeness.

Survival bags

Almost everyone who gets injured in a cave also gets cold, and the people with them will also get cold. Every helmet should contain a survivial bag, a thin polythene bag large enough for one person, bought from Caving Supplies. Cut off one corner, take off your helmet, climb inside the bag, replace the helmet over the bag to secure it, and feel the toasty warmth envelop you.

First Aid Training

The College often offers first aid training from Marlin First Aid. It is aimed at students going on field trips, but there are often spare oplaces advertised on the RCC mailing list. It may be possible to get funding from the Activities Development Fund to allow people to take the course. Even without funding, it is an excellent skill to have, and highly recommended.

Rescue Tackle Sac

Fundamentally we can't put too much stuff in here: it needs to be light enough to be EASILY taken down to the casualty by a potentially TIRED leader.

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