Expo Food

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Before records began
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Before records began

Recipes: http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com/ - nice Indian - orientated combinatorial recipe cards. Very good + flexible!

UG Food

Jarv bought a copy of Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin' which is actually surprisingly good - interesting boiling water + ziplock bag of ingredients super-meals that could be prep'd for UG camp.

Ideas from Sailing 2006...

The voice of (bitter) experience suggests that most meals will be concocted by throwing a load of ingredients into the pressure cooker, pressurising until soft & then eating. Pasta is a no-no as can't be pressur'ised, and wastes water + fuel otherwise. Maybe macoroni + cheese?

mushrooms and tomatoes will liven any hotpot

soya chunks and/or Tetrabrics of Tofu

onions/mixed veg



rice [brown is better]

couscous, quinoa (sic)

pasta (twists, twirls, spagg, shells,...)


Porridge Oats (Lots of!) Considered health food south of Falmouth!

tea bags, (LOTS)

coffee (for Jarv) [both karma and instant karma]

soup powder

drinking chocolate


tobacco and rizlas (for Tetley)

biscuits [ginger snaps for seasickness]

chocolate [and lots of it!]

boiled sweets and toffees

malt loaves and cakes (e.g. fruit cake)


nuts and raisins

Baked Beans

Kidney Beans

Rice Pud


Corn'd Beef


sugar, sugar, honey, honey

spices (Curry, chilli, rosemary, bay leaves, pepper, coriander, italian seasoning, cumin, paprika, tumeric, cinnamon)


powdered cow (Nido)

Lazy garlic

Tomato puree

cooking oil

cereal (e.g. muesli goes well with Nido)

custard powder?

vegetable buillion

creamed coconut?