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Croatian Speleo Server:

Deepest and Longest (with Links to Info)

Oh Baby!

Information for Cave Permit

from Croatian Ministry of Culture (KORNELIJA.PINTARIC [AT] MIN-KULTURE [DOT] HR)

We need:

Each person/permit will cost 70 Kun (singular Kuna for currency websites) ~7/8 pounds

As soon as possible: 2 months minimum time? Croatian Speleo Organisation notes on applying for expedition permits


Seem very serious, lots of exploration, active and young. Website hosted on main croatian speleo server, which has lots of pages translated into English, apparently by Dalibor Paar (also their archive manager).

Dalibor Paar is also the head of the Speleo umbrella assoc.

A Solid State physicist!

Istra - initial peninsula, loads of caves. Slovene Karst esque.

Istra cave club page:

Istra Info (Tourism site, with campsites + etc.):

Cave very near Pazin (central Istra), described (English abstract then croatian):

Cave Baredine:

Longest/Deepest Caves:

Velebit has a lot of caves, all national park, many deep caves (small mountain range near the sea)

We'll be mainly in the Primorski-Gorski Kotar (GORSKI KOTAR) region, possibly extending into Lika-Senj.

Within this region (3rd county along coast):

Velebit info:

Velebit County web page:

Cave + Lake further south (Lika Senj):

Gorski kotar - Vražji prolaz (Devil's passage, canyon leading to cave - blog post with photos):

Longest/Deepest Caves (GORSKI KOTAR):

Tufti: Mt Velebit:


Cave Rescue (English site):

Caving Terms Dictionary:

Google Maps Info / Campsites / Cave Locs:,13.925171&spn=0.806837,1.867676&z=9&om=1&msid=115952171898335328386.000440f74754c40605a94

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